Social Media Consulting


Since opening Mont Tricot in 2011, I have successfully used Social Media to build my clientele. I was well aware that in order to have a viable business, I needed to attract knitters and yarn lovers from Sutton and beyond. The easiest way to do that was through social media.  As a result, some of my customers come from Sutton and neighbouring cities but many also come from as far as Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke.  Furthermore, we have been able to grow our online business and expand our reach to Europe, Asia, the US and the rest of Canada.

My work on social media has been an investment in time. I am constantly reaping the rewards. Now, I want to share with you what i’ve learned and continue to learn. Let’s face it, social media keeps evolving so you constantly have to keep up.

I offer group workshops on how to make facebook work for you as well as private sessions which can be done in person or online. I break down key aspects in simple terms and in easy steps so that you can easily incorporate it into your already busy day.

Would you like to reach nearly 30,000 people in a single post (as seen below)? contact me to see if I have a session scheduled or for a private session.

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